Jan 26, 2016

Holy Shizzle

It's been almost one year since I last posted.
That's a long time with a lot of water under the bridge.
Apparently I stink at this blogging business.

How do you sum up one whole year in one post?
You can't! 
I'll just be brief.
You know, for posterity's sake


Flynn is still working at his "new" job.
He has taken on a second hospital in the same state, about 4 hours from where we'll live,
so he is spending even more time on the roads than before.
He stays in a hotel when he travels, so he's racking up
"frequent flyer miles" (as it were), which is nice when it comes to taking family vacations.

Speaking of vacations, we got a couple good vacations in this summer.
The first was planned... a trip to the midwest to visit my sister and go through
the new LDS temple that had just been built near her.
We traveled to Independence Missouri to visit some church sites,
then over to St. Louis to spend 5 minutes at the arch,
then up to Dayton Ohio, where we spent an entire day at the Air Force Museum.
(My boys drooled the whole day as they gazed at the hundreds of airplanes housed there.)
Then a couple days with my sister, then onto Carthage and Nauvoo, Illinois
for more LDS history.
We also visited two presidential libraries and drove home through Kansas and Colorado,
so we could add two more states to our list of states we traveled through.
(Wyoming, Nebraska, Ohio, Illinois, Missiouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado)

About two weeks after returning from that epic road trip, Flynn had a meeting in
Kansas City, so Scooter and I hopped back in the car with him and back we went,
to the beautiful midwest!

While Flynn was in meetings, Scooter and I played the part of tourist.
We went to Adam-ondi-Ahman, the Federal Reserve and the WWI museum.
We ate magnificent BBQ in Excelsior Springs and drove through some
very scary rain storms!

I'll be honest.
Missouri was great!
It was beautiful!
And we loved KC.
We can't wait to go back!
Scooter with his favorite airplane, an SR-71. He almost cried when he saw it!

We still haven't built our home.
We waffled for a bit on where we wanted to live...
in town or out of town.
Finally, we decided that the houses in town are too close together, 
so out of town it is!
We found a lovely lot on an old ranch, about 8 miles from Flynn's work.
The lot is pure prairie and it is beautiful.
It looks south, toward town and toward the mountain.
It has nothing to obstruct the view of the big, blue skies.
As a cloud/storm lover, that is exciting!!

Our neighbors will be
pronghorn antelope, deer, fox, coyote, birds of prey and even prairie dogs.
Maybe a mountain lion or two.

The lot is 40 acres.
That's a lot for us "city folks"
But we look forward to the isolation and the quiet.
 When did we become so anti-social?
Mostly, we look forward to the views.
The day after we put the deposit on the land, there was a HUGE prairie fire, that burned only 4 miles away
We have a new grandchild.
I guess I've got to come up with an internet name for him.
I will call him Skippy.
He was born in November and I was blessed to be there for his birth.
He is an angel and such a good baby.
Belle is doing great being a mommy of two small kids.

And that's it. 
Our year in a nutshell.

Here's hoping 2016 will be great.
And here's hoping I'll be better at blogging!



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Wow!! What a year it was. :)

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